Meditation Guided Yoga Practice

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Meditation guided practices might seem to go hand in hand with a yoga routine, but you may not be getting the greatest benefit out of this combination as you think. When actively incorporating techniques from your meditation method into your yoga, you are deepening both disciplines and providing that much stronger of an experience. While your yoga poses might inhibit a more intensive meditation format, some more basic meditation techniques will provide a rich new texture to your yoga regimen.

Whatever meditation style you practice, it is best to think of what elements will transfer to your yoga work the easiest. If you use beads to recite mantras, you may have to put them aside while performing your yoga poses. However, you can still recite the mantras in your head. If you do yoga at home, you can say them aloud, as it will not disturb a roomful of yoga practitioners. During your regular meditation, feel free to return to your beads.

Visualization techniques can be very helpful during yoga. You can visualize yourself just as you do during meditation, if you see fit, but you can also tailor your visualizations to suit your yoga goals. For example, if you meditate to reduce stress and you practice yoga for weight loss, you may want to consider switching up your visualizations accordingly. If your yoga aspirations and meditation goals align with one another, feel free to keep the same visualization for both guided meditation yoga and standard meditation.

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