La Joya Perfecta is a Costa Rican Affordable Luxury Wellness Community to promote Wellness, Yoga, Spa, and Medical Tourism, Retirement in Costa Rica.
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Reciprocal Linking Conditions with La Joya Perfecta

If your request meets all of the conditions below, please use the form given below to exchange link with us.

We do not accept:

  1. Sites containing pornographic material or linking to other sites containing pornographic material
  2. Affiliate or Referral sites
  3. Multiple links to the same domain.

Sites which do not include the following will be rejected without notice:

  • an appropriate title
  • a description written following proper rules of grammar and punctuation
  • a valid email address and,
  • a functioning URL.

A reciprocal link is required

either on home page or page which is linked to home page & the PR must be 3 or greater than 3
for your site to be listed on our site.

All sites submitted which meet these guidelines are reviewed individually by our editors. We normally place links within 1-2 weeks, we make no guarantee as to when your suggestion may appear within our link pages.